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Tuesday, August 9, 2022

The SPR3 - Rhythm & Booze.

The SPR3
was formed by two University of Utah students back in 2003. They met in a creative writing class. Had shared interests (Adbusters, Negativland, Strangers With Candy, etc) and soon started publishing a zine. Forming a band was the obvious next step. The SPR3 first distributed their music to the public in a CD that was included in the 12th issue of their zine. The zine was known as "Chiaroscuro" and the CD was known as "The CD of the Absurd." The 39th and last issue of the zine was published in 2013, but they never stopped making music. They launched their official website and released their first cassette tape ("Rhythm & Booze") in 2021.

What were your beginnings like?

Doomlazer (the other member of the band) had begun to make noise as “The SPR3” for at least a few months before I joined the project. After we started living in the same house we eventually started making songs together. We liked the results enough that we included a CD in an issue of the zine we were producing at the time. Soon thereafter we played our one and only live show. We can’t play any instruments so it was sensational.

What inspires you?

Nature. Going on walks and watching the trees interact with the sky. It’s subtle and hypnotic. Joyful.

Why do you make music?

Eventually I realized that I almost never wanted to read old issues of our zine, but I loved listening to the SPR3 songs that we had created. I make the kind of music that I want to listen to. We are our own target market. It’s very fun too, of course.

What's the album or track of yours you're most proud of, and why?

I’m very proud of the “Rhythm & Booze” cassette we put out last year. It was sort of a best of since our last zine related CD so it covered material created from 2013-2021. It also served as a very physical declaration – we are still alive and still making noise!

What are your nearest plans?

We are very excited to celebrate 20 years of The SPR3 next year. We’ve been kicking around a lot of ideas. We might put out another piece of physical media. Perhaps vinyl this time. We might produce some swag to give away via our website – Buttons, posters, bumper stickers…. We might even put out a new zine. Chiaroscuro #40. Man, that would be crazy. One thing is for sure, we are going to keep on producing songs and music videos. Creating this shit is way too much fun to ever consider stopping.

What would you like to say to the world?

Never let a complete lack of talent get in the way of making great art.

What is your favorite drink?

Water. Preferably with ice.


"Worst Year Ever" --- Music Video by THE SPR3

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